4 Ways to Protect Your Children with mSpy

4 Ways to Protect Your Children with mSpy

The digital era brings with it benefits and dangers, mSpy examines 4 common crimes against children to help you protect your family. Adults will use technology as a tool whereas children consider it as another way to connect socially through messaging on networking sites.Internet crimes associated with children revolve around sexting, cyber bullying, and pornography etc.  Here are some informative reasons why you should protect your children today!

Sending Sexually Suggestive Messages

Over 39% of teens say that they send sexually suggestive text messages at least two to three times a week.  More than 50% of teens have reported that they received those messages and then shared them with someone else at some point. These messages can include anything from nude or crude images of themselves or others for the purposes of receiving a following online or becoming the next popular kid at school.

Cyber bullying and Depression

Rumors can start very easily and spread like a wild fire at your child’s school. Cyber bullying attacks are very common today because social media profiles, email accounts, and other private information online can be hacked. About 23 % of teens and young children say that someone has written something about them online that wasn’t true at some point.  This can often lead to depression in children that have already been exposed to some form of physical or mental bullying at school. Protect your children by monitoring their accounts to avoid unnecessary long term damage.

Protect your child from Pornography

Pornography is everywhere and is one of the biggest dangers to unsuspecting children on any device. If an adult visits a pornographic website and doesn’t clear the cache or cookies from the browser a child can very easily be spammed by sexually explicit images and messages. Parents do not realize that to protect their children they must block pornography sites all together. Why would they block these sites completely? Children who are often very curious will make attempts to go on the pornography websites by themselves.

Is your child using Online Gambling?

Online gambling for real money is a much harder crime to participate in the US because of stringent laws that protect adults and children alike.  Most devices let individuals download apps from online marketplaces linked to a credit card, e-wallet or Paypal account to get victims addicted to the online gambling industry that can be a gateway to going to an actual casino.  In the US for the most part individuals are given access only to use “play money” on these downloaded apps. Spy App is a user friendly solution tailored to fit your individual needs, by utilizing the latest innovations in monitoring technology. Our goal is to deliver software that brings guaranteed results at an affordable price and protects your children immediately!


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