Data You Can Analyze

mSpy allows you to generate comprehensive reports according to various input specifications.

  • Device.
  • User or group of users.
  • Activity.
  • Time period.
  • File type (XLS, CSV or PDF).

Why will you find this feature useful?

SpyApp gives you the ability to keep track of multiple phones at once. Just set SpyApp to send you detailed data about each target device straight from your control panel and receive an all-inclusive report tailored to your needs.
Set up data reports for:

  • All of the activity on one device
  • All of the activity of one user or multiple users of the same device
  • Only the activity occurring during a certain time period

  • SpyApp lets you do this with only a few clicks and across multiple devices.
    You can even print out full reports in multiple file formats.
    The data report feature of SpyApp lets you go through your busy day without having to check up on the target device. Stay productive yourself while making sure your employees are too.

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