Downloading and Using Spy App

Step 1: Buy and Install Spy app

Spy App can be purchased from where you can choose between a basic or premium package. Choose from one of our various plans, whichever best suits your needs, with simple and secure payment. You’ll be given an ID that you will enter on the device to be tracked.

Step 2: Insert ID on Device

To download the app, you need to proceed through a simple authorization. Just type in the ID you received during the purchasing phase and once complete, tracking will start. The user will never become aware the app has been installed on their device.

Step 3: View Control Panel

When you purchase Spy App you are also given access to your own personal control panel. From there you can track everything the user of the target device does from any of your own devices. You’ll never miss anything with Spy App. Get comprehensive information on device location, chat messaging, web browsing, and more! You can access your control panel from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

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