• 1. What is SpyApp?

    SpyApp is the number one rated security and monitoring app for both computer and mobile phones. SpyApp is the easiest way for you to ensure your kids and other loved ones are safe, or your employees are getting their work done.
    SpyApp allows you to monitor all activity on the target device for security and other needs. View SMS and MMS, device location, email messages, and more. All information is accessible remotely from your control panel desktop.

  • 2. How does SpyApp work?

    SpyApp runs in the background of the device it was installed on and collects data as the device’s owner uses it. This data gets sent to your control panel desktop, where you can view it remotely from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.
    It’s as simple as installing SpyApp on the target device, and letting it do its work!

  • 3. Is SpyApp international?

    SpyApp security and monitoring app works on any device with any provider worldwide, as long as the device itself is constantly connected to the Internet. SpyApp requires an Internet connection to send data from the phone to the control panel.

  • 4. Is SpyApp compatible with Android and Apple devices?

    SpyApp supports Android devices that run OS 4 and higher and Apple devices that run iOS 6 – 8.4.
    Jailbreaking or rooting the target device is not necessary for SpyApp to work, though some features are only available with SpyApp for rooted or jailbroken devices.

  • 5. Is SpyApp visible to the user of the target device?

    SpyApp only runs in the background of the target device and is undetected by the user. The SpyApp app icon is visible in the list of applications, but is settings-free and has no functionality.

  • 6. Is SpyApp legal?

    SpyApp is completely legal. By purchasing and installing SpyApp, you confirm your intention to comply with the user agreements of this software. You agree to install SpyApp on your own phone or computer, the phone or computer of your underage child, or the phone or computer whose owner agrees to be monitored.
    SpyApp was created as a solution for parents looking for an unobtrusive way to keep an eye on their children and for employers to track their worker’s productivity. Using SpyApp in accordance with its design is completely legal.
    When installing SpyApp on a device that belongs to another, it’s up to you to obtain permission to install it and give full disclosure of monitoring practices. Check with your local jurisdiction to determine what other steps you may need to take before installing SpyApp on someone else’s device. SpyApp does not provide any legal advice or counsel.

  • 7. Can I install SpyApp remotely?

    For Apple Devices

    To install SpyApp remotely on an Apple device that isn’t jailbroken, you can use the SpyApp Without Jailbreak version and iCloud username and password to install. Physical access to device is necessary if iCloud backup isn’t available on the target device. iCloud backup must occur regularly.
    For a jailbroken device, SpyApp cannot be installed completely remotely. You will need to have the device in-hand for part of the installation.
    If you desire all of the features of SpyApp, you must jailbreak the device first.
    Once SpyApp is installed, all of the target device’s data is available from your control panel desktop.

    For Android Devices

    SpyApp cannot be installed remotely on Android devices. The device must be in-hand for the installation process. We recommend installing our app mAssistance when installing SpyApp.
    If you’ve installed mAssistance, our support team will be able to remotely install and set up SpyApp for you.

  • 8. How do I install SpyApp?

    SpyApp Without Jailbreak

    For stock Apple and Android devices that haven’t been jailbroken or rooted, you need the target device user’s iCloud information. Simply log into the control panel desktop and follow the instructions.
    iCloud backup must be enabled on the device, at least every 24 hours. The device
    needs to be connected to Wi-Fi, plugged in, and locked for it to back up.


    SpyApp for iOS

    SpyApp for iOS allows you to access all of SpyApp’s features, but is only available on
    jailbroken devices. Simply log into the control panel desktop and follow the instructions.*


    SpyApp for Android


    SpyApp for Android requires you to have the target device at-hand for the installation process. If you want access to all of SpyApp’s features, the device must be rooted.


    Simply log into the control panel desktop and follow the instructions.

  • 9. How do I uninstall SpyApp?

    Log in to your control panel desktop and navigate to the help area. There, you’ll find instructions on how to uninstall.

  • 10. How do I view what’s on the device?

    After you install SpyApp, simply log in to your control panel desktop and the data will be available instantly. You can access it from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

  • 11.What will I see on my bank statement?

    Depending on the payment processor, SpyApp will appear on your statement as AVANGATE*Spy App.software, paypro-charge.com, or PayPro * SpyApp.

  • 12. What happens after I purchase SpyApp?

    Once your payment has been processed and confirmed, you’ll receive an email from SpyApp with a link to your control panel desktop and detailed instructions on how to install and set up SpyApp.

  • 13. Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with SpyApp?

    If you’re not happy with SpyApp and your reasons for requesting your money back don’t go against anything in our Refund Policy Agreement, you may be able to receive a refund within 10 days of your original order.
    If you’re having any issues with SpyApp, contact our support team. They can help you with any trouble you’re having to make sure you’re getting the most out of SpyApp.

  • 14. How often does the data on my Control Panel update?

    If you purchased SpyApp without jailbreak, data updates every time iCloud backs up. That should be every 24 hours. If you’re experiencing longer times between updates, check to see if iCloud is set to back up less often.
    If you purchased the regular version of SpyApp, you can choose how often you’d like the data to update from the control panel desktop. Just note that the shorter the update interval, the more battery the app will use.

  • 15. Why does the target device need to be connected to the Internet?

    The target device sends data from the device itself to SpyApp’s servers, which it does over the Internet. The data will only be viewable on the control panel desktop once its uploaded onto SpyApp’s servers.

  • 16. Can I monitor two or more devices?

    Each subscription only offers the option of monitoring one target device. You can,however, change the target device as much as you want during your subscription.
    If you’d like to monitor more than one device, you must either purchase more than one subscription or the Family Kit.

  • 17. Do I need to jailbreak my device for SpyApp to work?

    SpyApp absolutely works would jailbreaking your device. Some features of the app won’t be available, though. If you’d like access to all of SpyApp’s features, a jailbroken device is required.

  • 18. Will I void my warranty if I jailbreak my device? Can I unjailbreak my device if I change my mind?

    Jailbreaking your device does void you warranty, so that is something to keep in mind if you’re considering it. You can reverse the process, however. All you have to do is update your device to the latest version of iOS or reset the device to factory conditions.

  • 19. What happens when I jailbreak my device?

    Your device will function the same as it always has, even after jailbreaking. You’ll be able to use the iTunes Store and iCloud without any difference. The only change is an icon of Cydia will appear on the device. For more information, see our article on jailbreaking in the help section of your control panel desktop.

  • 20. What about rooting? Does Android rooting void warranty? Do I even need it?

    When you root an Android device, you allow the user root access (or complete control) of the Android OS. It does void the warranty, but is also able to be reversed. Simply update your device to the latest Android OS version or reset the device to factory conditions.
    SpyApp only requires rooting if you’d like to track downloadable applications such as Snapchat, LINE, and Facebook Messenger.
    Download our companion app mAssistance, and we’ll happily install and set up SpyApp remotely!

  • 21. Can SpyApp be detected?

    SpyApp runs in the background of the device and the app icon is non-functional, so SpyApp is generally undetectable. However, if you’re installing Spy App on a phone that does not belong to you or your underage child, you must inform the owner that you’re monitoring them.

  • 22. Can you help me track the phone by its number?

    SpyApp does not track the phone’s number itself, only data on the phone. SpyApp needs to be installed on the device to be able to track anything.

  • 23. Is it possible to find a lost device?

    Once SpyApp is installed, the target device can be tracked by its exact GPS location. It can even be remotely locked, or have the data wiped from it if you’re unable to get to the lost device.

  • 24. What if I need technical support?

    SpyApp comes with four levels of technical support:
    1. Free email and chat support for Basic Subscription users
    2. Free email and chat support for Premium Subscription users
    3. Phone phone support in addition to email and chat for a one-time payment of $12.99
    4. Personalizes support with mAssistance including assistance with rooting/jailbreak, remote installation of SpyApp, and around-the-clock support over phone, email and chat for $37.99