Geo-fencing means setting a virtual barrier so that when a device enters the defined boundaries, you receive a notification. The feature allows you to:

  • Set unlimited number of allowed and forbidden zones.
  • See when and how often each zone is visited.
  • Receive email notifications about each zone entrance or/and exit.
  • View the history of device movements on a convenient map.

Why will you find this feature useful?

SpyApp has a very handy feature called geo-fencing. All you need to do is set up a virtual barrier for the phone to cross and you’ll get notified instantly. SpyApp comes with unlimited geo-fencing barriers that allow you to see specifics such as the frequency of visits to each geo-fenced area and a map that plots all of the target phone’s whereabouts.
Geo-fencing is great for parents who are looking to make sure their kids are staying safe and where they say they are when they go out. It can also be used to track devices with sensitive information to make sure they don’t go out of an approved geo-fenced area.

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