Keeping Your Business Safe and Secure

Technology is indispensable in the modern world. We use it to get tasks done, or to help us get tasks done. Businesses know this better than anyone. Technology makes everything in the office run smooth.

The problem is when employees want to bring in their own phones or computers. It’s understandable. Everybody has a level of attachment to their own devices, and the familiarity makes it easier to work. But for a company that allows this, there’s an obvious blurring of the line between the professional and personal worlds.

The bring your own device policy that some businesses have enacted can even be embraced. To strengthen the separation between the professional and personal worlds, security measures need to be added to ensure the organization’s data is safe. Apps like Spy App implement security and monitoring measures that both keep data safe and encourage employee productivity. But a recent report suggests that this bring your own device policy isn’t as harmless as it seems.