Look Through Messages with LINE Tracker

LINE tracker is the feature that allows looking through the list of all chat messages and their contents exchanged in LINE application on the target mobile device.

  • Name/phone number of the account the target user exchanges messages with.
  • Incoming/outcoming messages of the addresser/addressee.
  • The exact time when the message was sent/received.
  • Track Hidden chats in LINE app as well.

Why will you find this feature useful?

SpyApp features a LINE tracker that lets you look into all of the content of the IMs sent in the LINE application on whichever phone the software is installed on. You’ll be able to keep track of names, phone number, messages, times, and even hidden texts within LINE.
The secrecy of the hidden chats in LINE has made it skyrocket to the top of popular app lists. Kids and teens love it for the secret messages, and your employees could be sending your business secrets through it and you wouldn’t even know it.
SpyApp makes sure you know exactly what’s being said in all of those chats for the safety of your children and your business.

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