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  • Geo-location Services

    SpyApp lets you know where the target device is at all times, using exact GPS locating technology. Keep track of where your child has been and is going to ensure they’re staying safe. Know where your employee is to make sure they’re not goofing off on your time.

  • Track Internet History

    SpyApp provides a detailed list of all websites the user of the target device visits. See what they’re searching on the web, what sites they have bookmarked, and even remotely block inappropriate websites all with only a few clicks.

  • Call Log Information

    Stay in the know with SpyApp’s comprehensive call logging system. See incoming and outgoing calls, timestamps, view who’s calling, and even block incoming calls by phone number.

  • SMS Monitoring

    Don’t be in the dark about who your child is texting. SpyApp lets you see who they’re texting, gives you complete access to SMS contents of sent and received messages, and even lets you view deleted messages.

  • Instant Message Tracking

    With all the different apps out there, it’s hard to keep track of which ones your kids are using and who they might be talking to. SpyApp makes that job a lot easier. View instant message chats and their contents right from your control panel for popular apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, and more.

  • View Multimedia

    Sometimes kids send or receive pictures and videos they shouldn’t. SpyApp makes it easier for you to know if they are. Just log into your control panel and view all multimedia from the device, even if it’s been deleted.

How it works

  • Buy SpyApp

    Check out the packages on the official website of SpyApp and fill the order form with all valid details. Make payment according to the plan selected and you will get instructions on email to install the WhatsApp spying software on any phone.

  • Install and Set Up

    You can download SpyApp on the target device and install this monitoring software for remote monitoring someone else’s WhatsApp. The process is easy and doesn’t require many technically complicated steps or verifications.

  • Start Tracking

    You can log into Control Panel through the WhatsApp details provided by SpyApp and access all the phone logs perfectly designed to spy on location, view IM, intercept texts, retrieve Internet history, calls and almost everything.

What our customers say


Sarah B.

My business is a small one, but I’m proud of my trade secret, my parents’ heritage. Spy App helps me to avoid info leakage by my employees. My product remains the best and inimitable in the market, thanks to Spy App!

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Read more about SpyApp software

SpyApp: Most Useful Spying Software

Humanity is frightened with Internet based and real world dangers. You can think about protecting your loved ones from these potential harms by keeping surveillance on their phones. Mobile gadgets’ usage of every person is extensive these days, and you can think about cell phone spy option to detect their activities. SpyApp is the most reputed mobile monitoring software for cell phones & computers, and you can get free access to any mobile device remotely by using this application. It is a legal way to get information about your teen, employee or anyone else you’re concerned about.

SpyApp: Best Mobile Spying Software

Spying software apps are the most preferable way to find out how your kids spend their time on their devices (cell phones or tablets). You can keep full control over their Android cell phone iPhone with the help of this this wonderful app. It is no longer difficult to review calls, messages, GPS location, camera pictures or internet browsing history of their mobile phones. It is easy way to know the smartphone details without peeping into their cell phones. Your kids might feel awkward and don’t show their truthfulness, if they know that you have access to their mobiles or computer. SpyApp works in the top way to check every detail without letting the child know about it being installed on the phone, as it works in a hidden way.

The subscriber can buy the package and get over the activity details through remote tools. It works for all the gadgets in an efficient way to track SMS, calls, online data or chat conversations to keep nothing hidden from you. You can rely on SpyApp to spy on someone and buy the package for knowing about the installation processes. Other mobile applications will not be affected and you can get the easy way to download every activity performed by a person through this software on a target phone.

Professional Usage of SpyApp

With due knowledge of your employees, you can carry forward installing SpyApp on their professional equipment (iPad, computer, mobile phone or any other device) to check out their activities during work time. It also prevents the company’s information to be leaked by someone’s device from the company itself. You can control the activities running in your office by this software app and install it on the employee devices (both phones & desktops) to review their tasks. Any text or program being run, message sharing, spyware entry, online mails, website access and a number of other activities can be successfully lodged on your remote control panel.

The trial version for one month can be taken by any customer, and it actually turns out to be cheap option when you see truthful results being revealed in personal and business relations. If there is clarity in relations, there can be nothing stopping you from getting high gear success in life. In the previous times, telephone was in trend and spying used to be done by recording the conversations and checking call records. However, it is an example of gone times and the recent times include cell phones and other advanced devices & applications for spying.

How to start spying with SpyApp ?

It is easy to use SpyApp and it requires three steps to begin the process:

  • Buy Subscription from the website according to your plan requirement.
  • Install SpyApp application on the mobile phone you want to spy.
  • Start spying through another device available (mobile, tab, computer or laptop) through remote control panel details provided by the company.

SpyApp Use

SpyApp has saved many lives and made it feasible for parents to get their children back from the issues like drugging, sexual issues, psychological disorders, mental pains, cyber bullying and many other problems. Many people have got hurt by knowing the truth about the fake relationships and it has saved the innocent people becoming victim of such frauds. SpyApp has also been a great help in professional terms to know about employees and refraining them to share private information of the company with any third party via phones. SpyApp is the most proficient software used for spying with cell phones and it enables the user to know all they need to know about any other person.

SpyApp lists call logs, message logs, IM details, internet history, multimedia sharing, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook activities and much more. It is the safe and cheap way of spying on teens, employees and other important relationships. Get sure about any association with SpyApp installed on the target device.