Monitor Employees and Kids Skype

Ensure safety & efficiency of your children & employees
on both & devices!


  • Monitor Chat

    SpyApp keeps a log of every chat message your child or employee sends and receives. Even if it’s deleted, you’ll still be able to see it in your control panel desktop.

  • Call Log Information

    SpyApp keeps a comprehensive log of all information about incoming and outgoing calls. Do you want to keep track of how long your employee’s average calls are? Do you think your child might be talking to someone they shouldn’t? SpyApp lets you do all that and more, including the ability to block incoming calls based on phone number.

  • Pictures and Videos

    SpyApp keeps track of all pictures and videos sent through Skype. Use SpyApp to browse through children’s or employee’s messages to double check there’s nothing malicious going on. You can see every video or picture taken using the phone/computer’s camera and see all the files downloaded that were sent by other users.

How it works

  • Buy SpyApp

    Select the subscription that’s perfect for your needs and fill out the order form. Once your payment has been completed, you’ll receive emailed instructions on how to install SpyApp.

  • Install and Set Up

    Download SpyApp and install the mobile tracking software onto the device you wish to monitor. The entire process is super quick and hassle-free. Please note: if the device you would like to monitor is an iPhone, you need to jailbreak it before employing SpyApp to its full capacity.

  • Start Tracking

    Log in to SpyApp Control Panel to start receiving data on incoming/outgoing, text messages, GPS location info, instant messages, multimedia content, Internet history, and any other activities taking place on the monitored device.

What people are saying


Sarah B.

My business is a small one, but I’m proud of my trade secret, my parents’ heritage. Spy App helps me to avoid info leakage by my employees. My product remains the best and inimitable in the market, thanks to Spy App!

You Can Start Tracking SMS Messages Today

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More Features

Track GPS Location

Need to identify the location of the person/device you are monitoring? Having SpyApp GPS location tool will prove extremely useful for this. You may even track route history on a map with this feature.

Check instant messages

SMS tracking software might be ineffective if the person you are monitoring mainly uses instant messengers. This is not so with SpyApp! You can use it to track Facebook chats, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Skype history, and even capture Viber & iMessage logs.

Read Emails

SpyApp can be a useful tool in monitoring compliance with the company’s IT policies. If you suspect your employee is sharing valuable company info with others via email, you’ll need to protect yourself! Always remember to comply with local laws regarding employee disclosures needed in your jurisdiction.

Why SpyApp?

Our mobile tracking software will help to keep your children safe and employees efficient. No matter how long your list of monitoring needs is, SpyApp multi-feature capabilities will address them. Remember to always use the software responsibly.