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Children and teens spend a lot of their time text messaging. Most of the time it’s harmless, but every once in a while they could be exchanging messages with someone from the wrong crowd or hiding a relationship that you’ve forbidden.
After going through the simple installation of SpyApp, all SMS messages will be available for viewing on your control panel desktop.

How it works

  • Purchase SpyApp Security and Monitoring Software

    Your initial step in tracking text messages is buying your SpyApp membership. Choose from our selection of companion deals, dependent upon your preferences. Wait for your purchase to be verified, then SpyApp will send an email that contains the link for download and installation instructions.

  • Install SpyApp

    It’s a breeze to download and install SpyApp. If you’re having any trouble, just contact our amazing customer support for any help. They’ll also be able to walk you through jailbreaking or rooting any phones that may need it. If you purchase the no-jailbreak or no-root version, then you can even install SpyApp remotely.

  • Start Tracking

    Once SpyApp is installed on the target device and your account is set up, you can start tracking text messages. The SMS data will be available to view on your control panel right away.

What people are saying


Alex L.

My daughter messages a lot, all the time. To be sure about proper friends she communicates with, I installed Spy App on her phone. It gave me the feel of security about her route and online activities!

You Can Start Tracking SMS Messages Today

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SpyApp SMS Tracker App

Similarly, as an employer you might have your concerns not only about your staff texting with friends, but also about the ways of how sensitive information leaks either intentionally or by accident. If these are concerns that you have, then SpyApp tracker is the best software for tracing not just SMS, but another cell phone activity as well on both iPhone (with or without jailbreak) and Android online.

Some Popular Spy Features of the Tracker App

  • You will be able to spy on call log for all calls and block specific numbers.
  • Track your target by their GPS location.
  • Spy on messages from free chat apps including Facebook, iMessage, Snapchat, Viber and WhatsApp on iOS and Android.
  • Intercept and read emails.
  • Intercept and view multimedia files including photos and video.
  • Track SMS sent or received by the target phone even deleted by user.

Why Choose Tracker to Monitor SMS communications?

Tracker is great spy software solution which shows you how to access anything that is sent or received by the target phone. It works on both iPhone devices and Android ones. It has long been considered one of the very best cell phone SMS trackers around. No matter what your needs are, SpyApp is capable of meeting all of them. There is almost nothing that SpyApp cannot effectively track and spy on. It is so much more than just a text message tracker, all cell phone activity in monitored by the software. With the help of tracker you will be able to:

  • spy on your children online communications
  • see where your kids are going thanks to GPS tracking
  • track your employees SMS during working hours
  • avoid data leaks
  • prevent mobile devices being stolen