Tracking Android Devices without Rooting Cell Phone

Tracking Android Devices without Rooting Cell Phone

Android devices are used by people worldwide as their operating system is user friendly and multi-functional. Using tracking software on your Android devices can be used to monitor your children or employees and help you get all the information you need about the devices usage.  Not to mention giving you much needed peace of mind!

Tracking any Android Device

Any Android device can be tracked with our completely legal software installed on it despite media sensationalist claims in part that may convey a different message. You also have the ability to install it on any targeted device without letting the user know about it, but we advise our customers to inform people of the software’s existence on their phones.  The main purpose behind this tracking software is to watch in real time or know about the activities of the targeted device.  The spyapp can give you call logs, text message logs, internet browsing history, IM chats, calls and email tracking and a lot more! These are just a few hidden ways to help you feel more secure.

Android Tracking without Rooting is Possible

Let’s start with the basics real quick! Rooting an Android devices means getting all permissions and rights for the software. It has the ability to facilitate the user to download customized software to perform hacking activates on the phone.

Spy app is the only tracking software available that gives Android tracking abilities without rooting and iPhone monitoring without jail breaking. This is a unique feature designed for smartphones to begin the tracking process and is the only way to effectively monitor your child, employee or anyone else requiring supervision.

Are all Android Devices Supported?

Our software supports all the latest and popular Android devices. It is mandatory for the target device to have Android 4 + running on it.  All the information will be expedited to your control panel using mobile internet or a Wi-Fi connection.  Installation is simple and requires authorized physical access to the device for successful installation.

Only the Best for Mobile Tracking

Mobile monitoring with Spy app gives all the information about most smartphone devices and home computers. It is the number one software for keeping children safe from bullying or illegal activities and ensuring that your employee’s are efficient at work to increase productivity. 24/7 customer car support is provided by our company.

You can view a demo clash royale hack online to see how the software works. The rates are competitive and the features provided are relevant to the given pricing of packages.

Please look at our basic and premium packages and access them based on your needs. There are a number of different payments plans that we have set up for your convenience. Download Spy App and start tracking a targeted device today to get all the information you need for peace of mind!