Notice of Uninstallation

Feature allows receiving & viewing detailed information on how SpyApp application was deleted from the monitored device completely (or partially damaged), why & at what circumstances it happened.

  • In addition, you’ll be advised on the possible ways out of the situation (logs storage, data backup, etc.).
  • This feature is available for mobile devices that function on both iOS & Android platforms.

Why will you find this feature useful?

SpyApp alerts you instantly of any problems with the installation of the app on the target device.
Stay informed about:

  • SpyApp corrupted installation
  • Deletion of SpyApp
  • Plus when, why, and how it happened

  • Find out if it’s just a bug that our tech team can help you with or if the target device user uninstalled the app.
    You’ll never lose your data even if SpyApp is uninstalled.

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